Darshan Nayak

Software Development Engineer

Darshan Nayak

Software Development Engineer

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Hi, I'm Darshan Nayak!

Software Development Engineer

I started 'HelloWorld'ing at 12. Haven't stopped since. Passionate Programmer. Amateur Astronomer. Ageless Adventurer. Retired Gamer. Avid Reader.


Full Name

Darshan Nayak


1990, India. That's more than 29 revolutions around the Sun.



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Master of Science in Computer Science (Project Route)

University of Regina - Graduation January 2019

Research-oriented education. Bridged the gap between Academic Research and Industry Research. I experienced how research can transform the way we understand the world and help make it a better place. Masters project on Multigranular Time Series Forecasting.

GPA: 88.71/100

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Gujarat Technological University - Graduation June 2016

Programming prowess. My first step into the software industry. Despite being a full-time student, I also worked as a part-time junior full stack developer during this time, which helped me become a team-player at an organizational level early on.

GPA: 7.69/10

Diploma in Information Technology

Nirma University - Graduation June 2013

Programming fundamentals. Algorithms. A stepping stone towards shaping my programming skills. Programmed beyond Pascal and C for the first time. Programmed first Arduino. C++ is slick. Of course I still love you, C.

GPA: 8.54/10

Work Experience

Yardi Systems Inc., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Software Development Engineer I - July 2019 - Present

Joined the amazing Yardi Team after finishing my Master's. Working on exciting projects, redefining innovations, and serving clients worldwide.

Netizen Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

Consulting Software Programmer - July 2016 - August 2016

Continued working as a Consulting Software Programmer with the Netizen team after finishing my bachelor's degree, until I moved to Canada for my master's degree. Collaborated with the team on legacy migration of a surveillance software used by Government of India.

Netizen Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India

Project Intern - July 2015 - June 2016

Designed and developed an Expense Management Software (EMS) with Javascript-based integrated data visualizations. Collaborated with team members for extending the data visualizations to a Call Detail Record (CDR) surveillance software for use by Government of India. The EMS ended up as the Capstone Project for my Bachelors.

Cognisun Inc., India

Junior Full Stack Developer - July 2013 - June 2015

While I was a full-time student, I continued working on exciting projects as a part-time junior full stack developer for Cognisun Inc. Aced effective planning and time management. As a startup, Cognisun had a team filled with enthusiastic individuals, and a client base with diverse software requirements. Being one of the first employees of the startup, I acquired a plethora of skills in a short period of time. Worked on a number of individual and team-collaborated projects based on several technologies.

Cognisun Inc., India

Project Intern - January 2013 - June 2013

Designed and developed a crime reporting web app. Local Police Department collaborated to integrate the app's database with their existing crime management system. The project ended up as my Diploma Capstone Project.


Web Designing

  • 60% Complete
    HTML/CSS Advanced
  • 80% Complete
    JavaScript Expert
  • 40% Complete
    Angular Intermediate

Web Development

  • 70% Complete
    Python-Django Advanced
  • 85% Complete
    ASP.NET MVC Expert
  • 70% Complete
    PHP Advanced

Desktop Development

  • 90% Complete
    .NET Windows Forms Expert
  • 25% Complete
    Swing Beginner
  • 70% Complete
    .NET WPF Advanced

Data Analysis

  • 75% Complete
    R Expert
  • 35% Complete
    SSIS Intermediate
  • 45% Complete
    Power BI Intermediate

Database and Storage

  • 85% Complete
    Oracle Expert
  • 75% Complete
    MS SQL Server Advanced
  • 40% Complete
    MongoDB Intermediate

Cloud Services

  • 70% Complete
    Microsoft Azure Advanced
  • 40% Complete
    AWS Intermediate
  • 25% Complete
    Google Cloud Beginner



You'll find me in my backyard on clear, moon-lit nights with my telescope. Nothing beats a star party with a bunch of fellow amateur astronomers under dark skies. Except, fixing a heisenbug after an hour of rubber duck debugging.


Began in Kindergarten. Bedtime story books with tons of assistance from Mom. Initially a fiction reader, I soon succumbed to non-fiction for good. Lately, that includes research publications as well. Best book I've ever read? A dictionary. Not kidding. Information gain per word is astronomical. Try it. Start with an unfamiliar word and follow the crumbs. No, dictionary.com is not a dictionary. Pick a real, tangible one. Works with Wikipedia too!

Games (PC)

Old-school gamer. Era: Split screen multiplayer. LAN partying > MMO games. You get to see your friends' annoyed faces in a LAN party! Long time favourite: Need For Speed 2. Current favourite: Kerbal Space Program; orbital mechanics made easy.


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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.



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Life runs on code.